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We are sorry, but your internet browser is not supported. The DVR has a 8GB memory built in to the arms along with the device also records audio in combination with the HD video footage. The imagery is quite ways to cheat on a test apparent and easily good enough when they’re near invisible earpiece to the camera once the footage has been obtained, to determine somebody. No, this unit can only be activated for both taking snapping and video still images.

The photos above taken out were taken employing sample movie and these spy eyeglasses below while. Camera Sensor: 2 Megapixels CMOS – Camera Lens: F2.4 / /2.2mm. The glasses are provided with a glass cleaning material and USB charging cable which can be utilized to move the files.

Video / / Photo File Format: Video:AVI , Photo: JPEG. Although it can be best to get these professionally fitted yes, it is possible to fit prescription lenses. All these spectacles built in DVR generating high definition 720p quality footage and include a discreet spy camera. The footage is not upscaled with this gadget.

The camera lens used, though just a pinhole, includes a rather wide angle lens which means that simply facing the subject will enable you to catch within the frame. Appropriate for both genders and simple to operate, these spy glasses are fantastic to face body worn video surveillance.

An overview of (possibly) the most discreet 1080p Video Camera eyeglasses on ebay. Designed to shoot HD movie with sound and still pictures. This device is excellent for both Mystery Shoppers and Private Investigators or anybody who requires a body worn surveillance option that’s perfectly made to face covert video recording.

Even though the glasses can’t capture video in total darkness, low recording is achievable and using a angled lens the camera can achieve a broad view. If needed, the glass lenses are clear with no magnification, but these lenses may be changed to prescription lenses by the user.

The video on the particular unit plays back in HD format that is transparent. We see the grin on your head, but the story is told by your own eyes. World’s first HD grade camera collector having an encryption read disc function. Ideal to be used by Mystery Shoppers and Private Detectives.

An overview of (perhaps) the most discreet 1080p Video Camera eyeglasses on ebay. Designed to shoot HD video. This device is perfect for both anybody who wants a body worn surveillance option that’s perfectly designed to face covert video recording or Mystery Shoppers and Investigators.

No, it is specifically for movie (with audio) and still picture shooting. The apparatus comes with an inbuilt rechargeable lithium battery. Package which may be recharged from a connection. It is a combination between Polarized Sunglasses along with HD Camera! This is!

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